Pursue Your Passion - "Discover What You Were Born to Do"
Are you a high school senior or college student who is unsure of what courses to take or which degree to pursue to set you on a path of success?
Are you in a job or career that leaves you feeling that you were meant to be doing something different? Are you interested in enhancing your career or relieving work stress? Or, do you find yourself, as a result of downsizing, layoff or restructuring, needing to discover a new career focus?
If you answered "yes" to any question, the Highlands Ability Battery will put you on the road to discovering what you were born to do.
Make the investment today guaranteed to provide returns for a lifetime. Invest in you....Act Now!
Summer Special! Now through October 1, 2014 we are offering the Highlands Ability Battery for only $500.00! Your purchase today includes a copy of the book, "Don't Waste Your Talent" by Bob McDonald
The Highlands Ability Battery is unique among assessment tools because it provides an objective measurement of natural abilities, gifts and talents. Because it does not depend on self-reporting or subjective appraisals, it gives you a clear and powerful picture of who you really are.
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